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Cucumber Sushi

Updated: Apr 12


Servings: 2 – 3 people Preparation: 30 minutes Cooking time: No cooking

Cuisine: Asian

This cucumber sushi is delicious and full of vegetables! It is vegan and tastes just like sushi! Enjoy with soy sauce.


- 2 cucumbers

- ½ cup cooked and chilled rice

- ¼ bell pepper

- 1 – 2 carrots


1. Gather all ingredients. You will need 2 cucumbers, ½ chilled

rice, ¼ bell pepper, 1 – 2 carrots.

2. Wash the cucumbers and cut off the ends. Cut the cucumbers

in half to make removing the center easier. You can use an apple

core tool or a spoon to remove the center.

Note: Don't throw away the middle! The middle can be a yummy

snack while making the sushi.

3. Carefully cut the carrots up into thin strips.

4. Place thin slices of peppers and carrots into the hole of the

cucumber. Fill the rest of the cucumber with the rice. Turn the

cucumber over on it's side and carefully cut every ½ inch of the


Note: I used pre-cooked rice. If you cook the rice yourself, make

sure it is fully cooked before eating it.

5. Your cucumber sushi is all finished and ready to eat! Enjoy it

with soy sauce.

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